Florida Friendly Lawn Care

  • Your Florida Lawn for Residential Landscapes

    your florida lawnDrawn from University of Florida research, "Your Florida Lawn" is the latest lawn-care information to guide homeowners through all the steps needed to achieve that healthy, beautiful, Florida-friendly lawn.

  • Laying Sod

    laying sodPlanting a new lawn with sod is the fastest way to establish a lawn. In this video, UF/IFAS Turf Specialist Dr. Laurie Trenholm demonstrates helpful, science-based techniques on establishing a successful lawn.

  • Proper Lawn Maintenance

    proper lawn maintenanceProper turf maintenance is vital is sustaining a healthy lawn. In this video, the Southwest Florida Management District gives simple, effective tips on growing a Florida-friendly lawn.

  • North Florida Lawns

    North Florida LawnDr. Laurie Trenholm visits Northwest Florida to discuss the different types of turfgrass with Dr. Bryan Unruh, turfgrass researcher with the UF/IFAS Northwest Florida Research and Education Center in Milton, Florida.

  • South Florida Lawns

    South Florida LawnDr. Laurie Trenholm visits South Florida to discuss lawns and weed control with Dr. Phil Busey, turfgrass researcher with the UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center.

  • Water-Front Lawn Care

    water-front lawn careDr. Laurie Trenholm pays a visit to a South Florida waterfront home to discuss living on the waterfront and how important it is to be aware of fertilization usage near Florida's water bodies

The Nine FFL Principles

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Avoid routine applications of pesticides. Treat only affected areas rather than spraying your entire landscape.

Use environmentally friendly pesticides such as horticulture dormant oils or insecticidal soaps for ornamental plants.