Florida Friendly Irrigation

  • Rain Sensors

    rain sensorInspecting your rain sensor will keep your turf green and healthy. Learn simple tips on how to check to see if your rain sensor is working properly.

  • Checking Your Grass for Watering Needs

    check your grass for wateringIn this video by the Southwest Florida Water Management, find out how to look for signs in your turfgrass that will let you know when to irrigate.

  • Calibrating Your Irrigation System

    calibrate irrigation systemKnowing how much water to apply to your turf each time you water is important in keeping grass healthy and free from pests. Find out just how with this informational video.

  • Working with Irrigation Controllers

    irrigation controllerDr. Laurie Trenholm along with Dr. Michael Dukes discuss how to operate a irrigation controller and how to maintain a irrigation system

  • FAWN ( Florida Automated Weather Network)

    florida automated weather networkFAWN has many tools available to residents such as the urban irrigation scheduler  and many fact sheets on irrigation operation and maintenance.

  • Southwest Florida Water Management District

    South Florida Water Management DistrictThe Southwest Florida Water Management District is a great resource for information on water conservation, natural resource conservation and Florida-Friendly Landscaping™.  Free publications are also available.

The Nine FFL Principles

See the new E-learning Articulate presentation.

Avoid Over-head Irrigation

Avoid over-head irrigation on your landscape plants. Prolonged water exposure on the leaves of plants can increase risks of diseases. Diseases can be reduced by using micro-irrigation, watering early in the morning and only on an as-needed basis.