Commercial Horticulture

Regional Specialized Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent

County Web Site:
Home office - Sumter County
7620 State Road 471, Suite 2
Bushnell, FL 33513-8716
Phone:  (352) 569-6862
FAX:  (352) 569-6861


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  • USDA-ARS Ft. Pierce Open House -
  • Nursery Crop Disease Workshop - TBA
  • Winter Weather School


  • 2016 Youth Peach Tree Project

Sumter County
Pasco County
Record Book
Project, Sale & Show Rules
Project, Sale & Show Rules



  • Worker Protection Stardard EPA Comparision Chart
  • FDACS Operation Clean Sweep for Expired Pesticides
  • Commercial Laboratories for Soil and Tissue Testing
  • Commercial Laboratories for Food Safety Water Testing
  • Southeastern Peach, Nectarine, and Plum Pest Management and Culture Guide
  • Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide
  • Florida Vegetable Production Guide
  • Florida Nutrient Management Guide for Vegetable and Row Crops
  • Watermelon Spray Guide
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