4-H Projects

A 4-H Project is any learning experience of six hours or more.  Youth can complete a project in just about anything. Youth can complete a Project Book or a Record Book in any project. 

A Project Book is a guide of activities and learning experiences that a 4-H’er can work on individually or in a 4-H club.  A Record Book is an organized method of keeping records on a project, for example beef, dairy, shooting sports, or clothing created. 

In Sumter County youth are encouraged to complete and turn in a record of your project accomplishments for each year.  In order to receive a 4-H year pin you must turn in a completed Project or Record Book. Youth turning in a completed book will also receive a project pin. To have a Completed book you must follow all project/record book requirements.

Florida 4-H Curriculum

Follow the 4-H Curriculum Clearing House link to view all of the approved Florida 4-H Project books and Record Books. Additional curriculum can be found at the 4-H Mall website.

DO NOT USE THE LISTED MARKET RECORD BOOK! Only the Sumter County Fair Market Animal Record Book will be accepted!

4-H Project Hand-Outs

Follow the 4-H Project Handouts link find out more information about 4-H projects and how to expand upon your 4-H project.

Project & Record Book Requirements

How to complete a 4-H Project Book and Record Book

1. Complete Checklist.

2.  Complete Project Records  (Project/Record Book)

3.  Complete the Project Report for your age division

4.  Complete 4-H Accomplishments


All books are due MONDAY, JUNE 12 BY 5:00PM for 4-H judging!!!

All Forms can be typed into by saving to your computer.  PDF version will not save what you type so you need to print after typing. 

For clean printed copies to handwrite in use the pdf version.




"My 4-H Cloverbud Project Summay" Form  
JR. Project Report Form JR. Project Report Form
INT. Project Report Form INT. Project Report Form
SR. Project Report Form SR. Project Report Form
4-H Accomplishments 4-H Accomplishments


Project Book Score Sheet

Additional Resources